Aug 3, 2014


Who remembers the first time they experienced Slipknot?  I mean, before anyone really knew wtf they were. 

I remember one late spring day sitting in my cubicle reading reviews for upcoming albums on and came across this band called Slipknot. Not expecting much I read the review about this masked nonet of heavy music. Needless to say my curiosity was peaked.  I marked the release date of the forthcoming debut album on my calendar and a few months later I went and picked it up on my lunch break, hot off the presses.  When I got back to work I put in headphones and shit my pants with every track. There had literally been nothing like that that I'd ever heard before.

A little while later I saw them live when they came to San Francisco and again, blown the fuck away.

It's too bad they've become kind of a cliche of themselves since those early days and their fans have become somewhat of an army of Mall Rat Jugglaos. Their music just doesn't have the same edge it once did. That first album was magic in a bottle. That doesn't happen too often. 

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