Aug 27, 2014

Just Install Messenger Already

Y'all trippin.

  • Does it suck that they are forcing this on you?  Yes. 
  • Is is lame that you have to install a whole separate app?  Yes.  
  • Is the new message pop-up thingy annoying? Yes.  
  • Is it going to record you pooping or take pictures of your dick? No.

Most communication apps have the same permissions you're all freaking out about.  Does it make phone calls? Yes, then it needs access to your phone.  Does it take pics?  Yes, then it needs access to your camera.  You all need to chill the fuck out and stop getting all conspiracy theory about this shit. Phone apps need permissions to do the things they say they do. It's when apps like "fart sounds" needs hella permissions is when you get suspicious.  Look at an apps permissions and ask yourself what does it have to do with the functionality of the app you're installing.  Facebook messenger is a sophisticated high powered messaging app.  It needs to be able to do what it needs to do.

"many of these permission requests are neither uncommon nor unreasonable and aren't really much different or more onerous than the permissions required by the main Facebook app itself" 

Bottom line is, if you're worried about this app, you should just throw your phone away because every app that does anything that makes calls, takes pictures, sends messages, etc will need these same permissions. Basically, if it did not have permission in advance to call someone when you hit the call button, it would probably do something like have a pop up every time you hit send; with a box and a page of legalese asking you if it can have access to your address book, microphone etc.  it would get annoying. What you're doing is telling Facebook, "yes you can have access to do these things" when you DL the app... so the app friggin works.

By the way, in researching info for this post I found about 1000 other ones just like it. It should be common knowledge by now. Apparently I still have a bunch of paranoid, tin foil hat wearing idiots in my Facebook feed. So maybe they'll get a clue and relax.

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