Aug 5, 2014

Root Beer Fail

Side note, our food came 50 minutes after taking this photo.
My friend's food was cold so he sent it back. I was hungry as fuck
so I ate my soggy fries and lukewarm cheeseburger anyway.
If you've been with the Noggins for a while, you know that I'm kind of a Root Beer aficionado.  Tonight at dinner with some friends I had my second encounter with the dreaded Bundaberg Root Beer.

I had originally asked for Dr. Pepper, and she said no, but they have Root Beer. Excellent, I secretly wanted Root Beer the whole time but for some reason changed my mind last second. Because I'm indecisive because I'm a Libra.

As she brings out my root beer I notice that it's bottled and not from the fountain which means no refills but being that it's from a bottle usually means it's going to be better than the norm.  I recognise the bottle as one I'm familiar with and its the most disgusting root beer I've ever had. Bundaberg root beer is awful. It's sour and tastes rotten.

So not only is it Bundaberg, there's a glass full of ice coming out with it.   Here's the thing about quality root beer;  it's not supposed to over ice, but it's also not supposed to be tepid and never warm.  Frosty mug or a cold bottle only. What if a bartender gave you a warm beer and a glass of ice? Yea. Not cool. Root Beer (unless it's Mug or A&W or something from the fountain) is not soda. and it not to be treated as such. Since it's bottled I think at least it came out of a refrigerator of some kind to keep it cold.  I pick up the bottle and its warm. Not just room temperature warm, but warm like it was next to the heat lamps for 5 minutes.  What's worse than Bundaberg Root Beer?  Fucking warm as fuck Bundaberg Root Beer.  It kind of tastes like someone barfed in it.

Major root beer fail. What a disappointment.

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