Dec 28, 2005

In & Out Secret Menu pt 2

First off, thanks for the comments, that's been my most popular blog post so far. Fucking pigs. Since you all seem to be so interested in the In & Out. I thought I'd post an update and share some info I found on the subject. Our good friend Jimbo, of whom I steal most of my ideas from lately, posted a link in the comments to a secret menu resource with a lot of good info on it. Turns out the registers at In & Out actually recognise some of the items. (now im just plajurizing)

Most of the ones we know are real. such as.
the numbered combos.. like 2 x 4 and 4 x 4. its basicly #meat X #cheese. you can even go up to 100 x 100
(check out the pics!)
pictured above the 20 x 20

we covered most of the other ones in the last post.
but heres a recap.

“Animal Style” Burger:
Mustard-cooked beef patty, additional pickles, extra secret sauce with grilled onions.

“Animal Style” Fries:
Fries with secret sauce, onions and cheese on top.

"Monkey Style" Burger:
this one hasnt been confirmed but supposedly its a burger with fries in it.
I just found out that this doesnt exist, but its fun to say so i'm leaving it on here.

“Protein Style” Burger:
Any burger you want on lettuce instead of the bun.

The Flying Dutchman:
Just 2 beef patties, 2 slices of cheese. Cheese on Meat. funny name, boring burger tho.
I wonder if this item came before or after the character on Spongebob

Grilled Cheese:
Cheeseburger, no meat.

Veggie Burger:
Not what youre thinking. remember they only have 10 ingredients, and Gardenbuger or Boca isnt one of them. Its just a Hamburger with no burger and double tomatoes. Very low-rent.

On The Sal:
basicly just the veggies. Like a Veggie Burger with no bun. If you order this they may or may not know what youre talking about. its supposed to be like a Salad. if you order this they should just reach over the counter and hit you for trying to order a salad at a place that will make and sell you 20 paties of beef with 20 slices of cheese on it.

Light Fries and Well-Done Fries:
pretty self explanitory. undercooked or overcooked
you can get your burger well done too. but i think health codes dont allow for undercooked meat.

Extra Toast:
get your bun extra toasted.

Shake Combos:
such as Choco-Vanilla Swirl Shake, and Neopolitain. theres Root Beer Floats too. so maybe ask them to fuck with your shake by adding 7-up and shit.

Other than that, you can basicly get any combo of shit any way you want it usually. Just ask. They might say no, but they'll usually say yes. Like dude said in the last post, a guy brought in his own bacon for them to put on his burger. If they dont do what you want, punch them in the neck and go to Jack In The Box. They have so much shit you dont need a secret menu.

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