Dec 21, 2005

UPS tracking mystery

I bought something on for the first time last week. (yay me!) they said it would be delivered today, so this morning i used the Tracking number to track the shipment. i found something strange.
look at this.
Now, is it just me or does it look like it got here a: the same day it left Kentucky, and b: they let it sit in a wherehouse for 3 days? Mind you, I payed for 3 day shipping. Did they let it sit there just so it would get there as late as they possibly could let it? I know Next-Day, even Same-Day shipping is possible, but if its gonna get here overnight anyway, why make me wait? Just because i didnt pay for it? So as i sit there and stew, I went to the UPS site and tracked it. Their page said it was gonna be here tomorrow, not today as Amazon promised. So now I'm really confused and pissed that they'd not only have it and hold it, but have it and say it might not even get there when they said!
As I search the UPS Glossary for "Arrival Scan" and "Destination Scan" the recieving guy here at my work drops a package on my desk. Hoorraahh! it arrived! but not according to Amazon or UPS. They both still say "In Transit" fucking shit.

happy birthday jesus.

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