Dec 27, 2005


As I sit back and refect on this years Christmas (by reflect, I mean taking a crap) I count up all the cool shit I got and regret that I didn't get the shit I wanted. Since I didn't really ask for anything, I guess I just get disappointed that people didn't think of cooler shit to get me. (photos coming soon)

I was talking to some friends about their Christmas, and that even though we had Pizza for X-mas dinner this year, I realized... It could be worse. Their relatives went all GOD on them. What the fuck is up with that shit? One said her aunt made everyone sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. You gotta be shitting me. She said it was preceded by the story of the birth of Jesus, in case they weren't all up on it already. and the funny thing was that like the majority, if not everybody at the dinner didn't believe in Jesus, except for her aunt and her kid. And I was like, the kids were forced too. kids don't count... they HAVE to believe in Jesus or they get no XBoX for 2 days. I can hear the mom saying " if you don't believe in Jesus, I'm taking GTA Vice City back to Toys R Us" and you know they have that shit too, mom all into god and letting her kids play some GTA. anyway, my other friend ( yea I have more that one) told me his girlfriend's uncle (who's a real life Ned Flanders) read them some crazy "make sure to make time for Jesus" story. And he's like Ned Flanders, so he's like that all year round. It just gets worse on Christmas. Christmas is like the year-end-Jesus-Orgasm for them. Its like Christmasapalooza... Like Ozzfest for metalheads... or Halloween for goth nerds. Or when the new Star Wars or Buffy box set comes out for 45 yr olds that live with their parents.

I'm totally for freedom of religion... stop being a psycho about it.

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