Dec 20, 2005

Sweet Lovin'

the award for best product of 2005 is...

gotta love the Dollar Tree for having shit like this. Knock-off Douche for $1.00. just when you think it doesnt get any better than that, they go and name it "Sweet Love" and put a 16 yr old girl on the box.
oh, and before i forget. here's the runner up.

you know when you go to a mexican resturant they always have those large jars of mystery liquid they serve with a ladle? the milky white shit is a mexican wonder known as Horchata.

"In Mexico, it is a rice based beverage in Mexican cuisine. While the drink is usually white and "milky" it can be made dairy-free through the use of blanched almonds, though some recipes call for milk. Other ingredientscinnamon, and vanilla or lime."(wikepedia)

Personally, I love the stuff. But in 3 Liter, Shasta soda form? im not so sure.
Only at the DollarTree!

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jimbizzle said...

God bless the dollar store!
I love the awesome stuff they have. In high school my friends and I went to a dollar store and were looking at a package of mechanical pencils. The package said "Made in Japan or Korea". We were dying! It was Japorean!!! From then on if anything sucked it was Japorean. Good times, good times indeed.