Dec 27, 2005

Dental Adventure 2

ok so i had my second appointment to the dentist just now. Still numb. This time i got a crown. Have you ever reached over with your tounge and feel whats left of your tooth after they do thier grinding shit on it? nothing is left but a nub. It's insane. anyway, I tried to take pics but i didnt want the dentist to freak and drill my tounge so the pics are weak. For that i apologise in advance.

this first pic is of the X-Rays. weaksauce, i know.

this is me. Numbing. If i look apprehensive its because he didnt poke me with the novacaine needle as much as before. I like the novacaine. I dont even mind the pricking of the needle becuase I know it will be worth it when he's drilling to China on my toothnerves. So now I have a flimsy metal temporary molar (bling bling)thats gonna hurt something fierce when the numb wares off.

My next appointment is thursday. More fillings! soon i wont be able to use any part of my mouth.

Then in Jan I get to go to the oral surgeon (he he you said oral) so i can get a heads up on how much getting my wisdom teeth pulled out is going to suck. yay i cant wait

more pics next time, i promise.

if all this dentist talk has made you uncomfortable, check out my dog George dressed up like RUN-DMC.


jimbizzle said...

ugg... I have to get a root canal. I feel your pain.

Eddie Storms said...

Aww man, root canal is like the dental version of Freddy Krueger. I've never learned how to tolerate pain. If I could, I'd definitely survive an interrogation. Good thing sedation dentistry,saved me big time. You should try it next time.