Dec 29, 2005

Dentist Burgers

I'm back from the dentist. Again. this was the first time I got bottom work done. (thats what she said) They have to get the needle in just the right spot and essentiall pour it into my jaw. unlike the top where you just poke me above the tooth they're gonna work on. so I'm numb, from the back of my throat through the right half of my tounge all the way to my chin and neck. I havent eaten today yet, so I stumbled into the SUBWAY thats inbetween the dentist and my office. I mumbled to them. "swhhat shoops thdo you hafth tothday" she looked at me with that "i know im not that great at english but what the fuck did you just say?" look. then i saw the sign. Chicken Noodle, "eeh" or Clam Chowder ... "gross, fuck that" so I stumbled back to work where I sit here and type this. Oh and I chickened out on the pictures this time. Dude my dentist kinda reminds me of Mr. Miyagi. He might go Karate Kid on me if snap one off.

OK now for the "burgers" part. no I didnt end up getting food. I'm still hungry, but afraid I might eat my tounge. I put burgers in the title of this because I thought the In & Out Fantasy Menu needed its own home. It's growing so fast, and its pretty good so i didnt want to lose it down the page. Check it out. I gave the menu her own blog. So if you can come up with new fantasy In & Out stuff. head over there.

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