Dec 21, 2005

learn to drive moran!

oh, the holidays... when the streets are filled with people who dont commute. It's such a wonderful time.

Being a commuter, you sorta get to know the unwritten rules of the road. I'm not gonna go into it here, but if you drive to work everyday during rush hour, you know the drill. Unfortunatly there are many who do not. And its these assholes that make driving home from work this time of year a living hell.
It can be compared to driving near an elementry school at 3:00. Fucking soccer moms think they
own the road. Bitch you don't own shit, you drive 20 minutes all week, to pick up kids, and get hot-pockets. So now you got a bunch of assholes taking up my lanes and not following the rules.

add that to my list of reasons i hate christmas.

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