Aug 8, 2006

eating poop for dinner

actually it wasnt poop, meg made some rad BBQ chicken in the oven and baked potatoes with all the fixins. it was rad. other than that i dont really have anything to say. Giants won again! thats 2 in a row. i like hot dogs at the game. We went to the game on Saturday. it went 11 innings but the Giants lost. That sucked. I hate it when assholes come to the game and talk about bullshit the whole time. Not even watching the game. and then they keep getting up in the middle of the fucking inning.. sit the fuck down Marketing whore.

God I'm bored.

I took the last of my paintings down to the gallery yesterday. I have about 30 or so pieces all priced and ready to go. We talked about music and food for the show. since its my show, and not some hoity toity artsy farsty thing they want to do food that i like. so, instead of crackers that taste like shit and weird unrecogniseable tid bits were gonna have mini burritos and chips and salsa. Instead of wine, we'll have beer and soda. i think thats pretty rad. she also asked me to pick out some music to bring down. I'm seriously contemplating extreme hardcore metal shit...but may end up keeping it PG13 for the 50+ set.

rock tho.. im getting juiced. they also asked me to be a part of their annual "Dia de los Muertos" event. Its like Mexican Halloween. I love skulls so this should be rad.

also, if you guys care, I've updated my Boycott the Music Industry blog and my In N Out Fantasy Menu blog. If you dont know what those are you should definatly check them out.

"sucks to your athsmar! "


jimbizzle said...

Your IN and OUT link is wrong.

Kirk said...

fixed, thanks ass.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Wow, you're in the big leagues now. That's awesome they let you have a say in the atmosphere since it's your show. I really wish I could go. ;-(

I wish I had jet settin' money for these occasions. Fly out for one night...