Aug 9, 2006

I made it better i think

This is a painting I did back in 1999. yea, in the gay 90's. It was inspired by a story this guy told me. He was on the porch with a friend and saw a large saucer shape flying overhead.. then seconds later was followed by military jets. It was a kinda nutty story so I made this painting. I never really liked how the bottom right corner turned out but figured thats the best I could do at the time. I felt like I could do it a little bit better now, so i redid it last night and intend on having it in my art show.

the old version.

and the new one

Acylic on Canvas 28" x 22", which is pretty big for me.


jimbizzle said...

That's much better. I would hang that on my wall, but anja is super scared of UFO's and aliens.

Dan & Rene said...

Is that Dick Cheney and is he going to Shoot the alien in the face?????