Aug 15, 2006

poop on a stick!

Jimbo said he is "flowing" on a new blog... damnit, i just cant find anything to write about. maybe its because all the little shit that pisses me off just doesnt seem that big of a deal when WWIII is about to happen, black box voting, clearing brush at the Crawford Ranch and all that bullshit... and even then, rants about politics get old. Everything has been said. this painting by Ryan Jacob Smith pretty much sums it up...

anyway, so... little shit eh? This surprised/pissed me of yesterday. I pull into this lot and wondered if my car got bigger all the sudden.. i felt like a giant in a tiny world. look at these god damned parking spaces.. when they say compact they mean it!

Yeah, thats right, i have a chain license plate frame. also, I burned the mix CD for my art show today. I tried to get fancy with the paint pens and they melted through the data on the CD.. eeerrp so i burned another one. I was more carefull with the decoration.

here's the tracklist

  1. Jamais Vu - Dredg
  2. Revolve - Melvins
  3. Act Appalled - Circa Survive
  4. Blood and Thunder - Mastodon
  5. First It Giveth - Queens Of The Stone Age
  6. Shitty Future - The Bronx
  7. I'm Running My Inkpen - Wesley Willis
  8. Say It Ain't So - Weezer
  9. maybe - fingertight
  10. Honey Bucket - Melvins
  11. Oceans Of Class - The Bronx
  12. Track 07 - Domeshots
  13. Tangled Up In Plaid - Queens Of The Stone Age
  14. A.K.A I-D-I-O-T - The Hives
  15. Wish Resign - Circa Survive
  16. poniesnew - The Few
  17. Undone (The Sweater Song) - Weezer
  18. Sweet Willy Rollbar - Melvins
  19. bruised & broken (where do we go) - fingertight
  20. Dine Alone - Quicksand
  21. Supply And Demand - The Hives
  22. No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age

you've probably never heard of some of this shit, but its 69 minutes of distortion guitars and thundering drums. its pretty much the rockinest shit ever*... (*of what i had in my car)

In other art news, I pooped this out of my brain last night.
Mr. Death exercises by surfing the jet pizza. He's a maniac.

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jimbizzle said...

No G2K? I'm hurt. LoL... when can I get a copy of the FingerTight post label recording?