Aug 29, 2006

fibberdygibbit flipper and dee dee ramone

ok enough of that. my friend Kendra sent me this via our cool phones.
with the caption "bacon makes it better" thanks kendra!

hell fucking yea it does. I like bacon dipped in maple syrup. You know who hates bacon tho?

this guy.. he's Uncle McGruff. he hates everything. he hates fun and loud things. theres a little Uncle McGruff in all of us at one point or another.
not to be confused with McGruff the crime dog. Uncle McGruff is just a surly old indiscriminate object. when people ask him about the Crime Dog it just makes him more McGruffy.

happy Tuesday by the way. School is going pretty good. theres at least one complete moron in each of my classes. theres a few in my AutoCad class and they all seem to gang up on the teacher with their stupidness. one stupid question might get overlooked, but get a team to group up and ask the same stupid question over and over, even tho its been answered already, you'll get the teachers attention. -are you happy now assholes? now you know how to copy and paste. oh and you in the back, NO, i will not go over how to email your finshed project to yourself. that will be covered in the class "Shoe Tying 105" or maybe you should pick up the book, "Breathing for Dummies" in the studen book store.


"rock over london, rock on chicago... Taco Bell, make a run for the border."
-wesley willis RIP


jimbizzle said...

I love to make waffle, bacon, and egg sandwiches with syrup all over it... mmmmm goowood!

Anonymous said...

I looooove Uncle McGruff! Good Job!