Aug 2, 2006

tell your kid to shut the hell up!

Me and my Girlfriend have been together about 10 years. and it annoys me that people think they have the right to say shit like "so when are you gonna have kids?" If you knew us, REALLY knew us, you'd know we've never done anything thats normal or expected... so why would we go and have kids? We always feel like the outcasts because of it. and always have to go into some lame explanation of why we feel that way.

I found out we're not alone in our beliefs. I saw an article yesterday that was about people who didnt want kids.. go figure. So I sent this article to my Meg and being the smarty pants she is, she sent me a pretty thourough response which pretty much nails it on the head.

here's what she wrote:
"I agree with the article, but in some ways, I think that today having a baby is a way of gaining status and recognition in a world where it is very difficult to make an impression on your own. If your not a doctor saving millions of people or a lawyer fighting for human rights, your nobody . . . unless of course you're a parent. Then you can convince yourself that you are making a difference. You might be raising the next president in the place of your failed attempts to become the next president.
It is almost a false sense of achievement. Like how parents and schools falsely praise students who do horribly saying things like: "you've made a great improvement since last report card," (even though the child only raised their grade from an F to a D-) or "great effort," when the child loses or does horribly. Having a baby is like saying: "even though you failed miserably at your own life, at least you've made a contribution." (a contribution to overpopulation)
Babies are like the defaults of personal achievement. Can't do something incredible with your own life, default to becoming a parent. You'll get recognized for that."

this may not be true for everyone but there definatly is a lot of status put on parents that need'nt have it. Just because you put your hotdog in the donut and forgot to put on the raincoat doesnt make you important.

If we ever felt that we were stable enough, and had the need to mold a young mind, we would adopt one of the gazillions of orphans out there that had shitty parents.


jimbizzle said...

Anja and I go through the same thing. My Mom and her husband are the worst when it comes to asking about grandbabies. People always ask us when are we going to have kids, or when are we getting married. Well I hope those fucktards are happy! I'm getting married. Not because it's the "right thing to do", but rather it feels like the right thing for meto do. Not for everyone else.

Maybe one day kids will be in the picture, but much like you guys, I don't feel like I could make a suitable home, or be a suitable parent for a child.

Gold star for Meg! She writs gooder too. She should be blogging as well to entertain me while at work.

Heather said...

Biting tongue...

Kirk said...

you better you fucking baby factory.