Aug 23, 2006

nice place, shitty food part II "Buffets"

you know, Chinese buffets are good, but at lunch, they are too much. I get all full and hot, then have to go back to the office.

Buffets are my best friend and worst enemy because I tend to take "all you can eat" as literal as possible. Some buffets, the food is so bad its more like "all you can stand". My dad likes buffets because its "all you can eat for $5.99! what a deal" its more of a quanitity over quality thing for him. he took us to some horrible places growing up. It can be shit, but as long as there is ALOT, then everything is fine

There are a couple stripmall wannabe upscale buffets out there. One is Fresh Choice wich we've had for a while. Its a basicly a buffet, but they make it seem all "Fresh" and stuff. Hence the name. Its more of a giant upscale salad bar with soups, baked potatoes, baked breads, pasta
Theres also Sweet Tomatoes which you might have heard of. I'd never been there but my girlfriend, Meg went there and said "its like Fresh Choice" one thing in common with most of those places and buffets usually is the soft serve at the end.

Sweet Tomatoes is Rita's favorite resturant. She says no one will go with her, mostly because she is friends with guys and all guys hate it. so she goes by herself. But is definitely a woman's restaurant. They should call it "steel magnolias" that way, we wouldnt waste our time. Its funny, you seem to see alot of "First dates" in there and the guys always look fucking miserable.
Because you arent getting full on one plate at a place like that. And you look like a pig getting up for 3rds. The whole time you're spooning through your Minestrone you begrudgingly got youre eyeballing the peperoni pizza they just brought out.

that, or pregnant women and miserable husbands picking at lettuce.

thanks Rita

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

I hate buffets sooooo much! The food is usually shit and yes, you start to feel like everyone in the place is counting how many times you went up. The best is when no one's in the place but then the food is even more shitty.

I went to one super upscale buffet somewhere when I was young and since I was young I didn't care how I looked pigging out on shrimp and crab and all the best food I never get a chance to eat. That was rad.

But mostly, you couldn't even drag me to a buffet. Old people poking around and kids sniveling noses just over the counter thing and ick, I get sick just thinking of it.