Aug 14, 2006

neighbors suck

So the empty cublicle behind me is now occupied by an upper level engineering guy. sort of a superior to me. I have way more seniority but he was hired to run shit. anyway, I have a constant eye over my shoulder now. fucking sucks. Now I have to work harder at looking like i'm working hard.

In other news, we took the cat to the vet and for unrelated reasons we let the dog hang out in our place, which is rare because he stinks.

He wasnt a happy camper. we put his cage upside down with the door open and he was holding on for dear life... wouldnt budge. ended up dismantling the carrier crate and holding him down with a thick towel.

Meg did an art piece using scratchboard in her art class back in the day and wanted to do it again, so i researched it and got all the supplies to make some. We havent scratched them yet. I'll put pics up when we do. You know i will. If you dont know what a scratchboard is, its a board that starts out black, and you scratch the black away revealing white.. its like drawing but backwards.

One of the supples is India Ink. I'd never messed with the stuff until this weekend. Its, pretty much what it says... its ink. black ink. Its most typical use is for fountain pens. I decided to mess with it like paint. I did this little guy on gesso (white primer, surface prep stuff) and colored it with an orange Crayola marker.

speaking of markers... this also happened.

happy monday.
this is my desktop BG at the moment.


jimbizzle said...

We draw on our belly buttons too. It makes for a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

that background is pimp.

your belly is sickening.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I wish I could stop by your place. I bet the creative energy is sick between you and Meg. I could use a dose of creative energy. My problem is, I have a million ideas and don't know how to do anything. The mirror project is next. I plan to document it well. I love the indian ink little guy and I wish I knew how to add shadows to shit like you did for your background zombi island guy.

Document the scratchboard project. That sounds interesting. I bet a tree scratched into scratch board would look sick.