Aug 18, 2006

school and art

well, I did it. I went to the first class of my 3 classes last night. The building the class was in was brand new and unfortunatly, under construction and nonexistent when they made the maps of the campus. Because of this, I got lost and was almost late. But I found it. A nice brand new building with great AC, brand new kick ass computers with wide screen flatpanel displays! the instructor said our asses were the first to sit in the new chairs! i wanted to fart so bad. I found out officially that its basicly a Photoshop class. I get get by pretty well in Photoshop but I know it all from trial and error. If there's a right way to do shit, this class will help me learn it.

Before I went to class I went to the gallery to help them hang my paintings. I brought in what i thought was a ton of art. Every painting I have. Now that its on the wall in there it looks like a spit in the ocean. I'm gonna dress it up a bit and I still have to hang my painted bottles up. It's gonna be really cool tho. I hope to see you all there!

Next week is my Art class and my AutoCad class. I'm not so worried about the Art, but AutoCad is a sonofabitch of a program. At least I'll have my friend Jer there with me.

rock sauce.


Anonymous said...

I took that class. Is it the old hippy guy?

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I'm so proud of you! Enjoy it, man! Life's picking up pace.