Aug 31, 2006

random ham bone gnome spam

I learned a bit more in my AutoCad class last night. I'm starting to hate it less. My art class is still the same. yesterday we cut construction paper and used glue sticks... it was like 2nd grade all over again. but we're supposed to be learning about composition and the value of light and dark. theres this chick from like Russia or something that learned how to draw all Rocky IV style. she showed our teacher her work and it was really fucking good. so the teacher tried to get her to drop this class and take the advanced class but she insisted on staying. anyway.. even tho she is hella good at drawing she totally missed the point of this assignment. I laughed inside. we were supposed to cut up random shapes of black white and grey and place them in abstract compositions. she even emphasized that we werent supposed to make recognisable objects. I could have totally cut my paper stencil style and done something rad but that wasnt the assignment. this chick cut out shapes of people and faces. her composition sucked too... maybe thats why she stayed in the class. pics of my stuff when i remember to take a pic of it.

anyhoo here's some randomness from the last few days. Bridget and Sara took my phone and started getting stupid with it at Matt "count chocula" Lingo's BBQ.

it was some homecoming bash for his roomate. we didnt know anyone there and they were kind of weird. this one chick was all trying to push this corn with ranch dressing on me but i hate ranch. i think i offended her. anyway, she went upstairs and came back with a fucking yellow tutu on. (sorry for the quality, explaination in a second)

Count Chocula, we call him that because he laughs like the count from Sesame Street. the chocula just sounded better than "the count". anyway.. Matt, or 'Chocula' drives tug boats. its a pretty savage job. working one day, he managed to chop off the tip of his finger. it had all healed when we met him but I guess the bone inside was all gnarled up and was causing pain or something so he had it surgically re-chopped last week so that it will heal all even and smooth. he showed us the stitches.
sorry bout the quality, phone cam+crazy LED flash = shitty.

at work we've been having some potential clilents coming in and getting the low down on VSEP filtration... they must have liked us because they send us presents afterward. we got a big fancy wood box with brass latches full of exotic assorted dates from the Saudis that came in. we also got a fancy box of weird Japanese candy from the Japanese company.

it was like gummy molases in aluminum cubes. anyway very, Japanese and very, Saudi Arabia. The dates reminded me of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc... "bad dates" what a great flick. i remember seeing that as a kid in a theater in Oregon. I was just starting my "skulls are cool" phase so the end scene where the nazi's faces melt off always stuck in my head. hey George Lucas, remember when you didnt have CGI asshole!

anyhoo, i saw this at TJ Max and chuckled.

happy thursday. I have photoshop tonite. our first assignment was to make a self portrait. there werent any rules really so i did this.

also, i found out my teacher is a freako.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

Did you know your teacher is a real freako?

In that pic, it looks like you're looking at sheep porn. Was that intended? I bet it was.