Aug 11, 2006

Escape from Zombie Island

hey shitties. I painted last night. I havent painted a skull in forever. I dont think I've even really done a skull since i've been painting regularly. I kinda got burnt out on them, but I got nostalgic last night and doodled this up. "Escape from Zombie Island"
Acrylic on 5x7 wood plaque. by the way, since i started painting on these plaqes i've noticed a lot of other artists doing it. fucking posers. I should start painting on petrified turds.. see how they like that!


Jessica A. Walsh said...

who you calling a shittie, shittie?

You should shalack (have no effin clue how to spell that one) tropical fruit and paint that. And candy bars.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

P.S. I'm done commenting on your artwork. It's all fine, just fine.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I don't mean just (as in only) I mean it's really fucking good