Mar 1, 2007

what the fuck gas prices? WTF Christian Nut Jobs?

so i'm driving down the main drag of my suburban town and notice gas prices went up again. i'm thinking 2.85! jesus man what the hell gas prices have been pretty calm lately. luckily most of the smaller stations are at 2.64 still. So I'm thinking its just the Shell stations and 2.85 isnt THAT bad considering... but then this morning in Oakland on 7th and Market st.

3.47!!! three motherfucking dollars and fifty fucken cents for a gallon of regular? well, rape me in the ass with a brontosaurus fucking leg bone. this is kind of in the hood too. why they gotta hate on my black brothers?

when can we win the war and take the oil so we dont have to pay out the ass anymore.


oh speaking of REEETTAARRRRDDDEDDD... i watched Jesus Camp last night and you know what? we should work out some kind of deal with the terrorist where they are allowed to totally bomb us and fuck with us all they want.. but they have to do it all in North Dakota.

...and chop this stupid fat bitch's head off.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

Hey Kirk! My dad works in oil unfortunately and this price hike around it's not the terrorists; it's that ships keep getting stuck due to piglet24all the really bad weather and can't get to port so all the delays are costing the refineries millions of dollars. Don't blame terrorists, blame the weather! ;-)