Jan 30, 2007

kirk's life. Day 10,980

so its today. This morning I woke up out of one of the best sleeps i'd had in a while. I really didnt want to wake up. and just like many other 5:35 am's i've had over the years I spend at least 30 seconds of every 3 minutes from when i wake up till when i walk out the door contemplating the consequences of either not going to work or merely showing up an hour or two late. in exchange for an hour more of sweet sweet sleep.

This morning in the shower the redundancy of my morning routine hit me. A sinking feeling came over me. I acknowledged it and then reached for the shampoo like i do every single day. damn I suck. Then as i turn off the water and reach for my towel the monotony gets broken for a second when i realize that I should have turned the heater on before i got in the shower. These January mornings have been slightly more brisk than usual. thanks global warming! While i'm freezing, and drying off i see that I'm still wearing the band-aid on my knee from yesterday. eew. luckily the adhesive is saturated with water so it didnt rip any hair out while i pulled it off. I take note that my gnarly skateboarding scab is healing nicely. now that i think about it, I left the band-aid sitting on the sink in the bathroom. I meant to throw it away after i dried off. sorry meg. that wet used band-aid is mine.

Another thing I'd like to point out about my mornings is that I do everything in the dark. For a couple of reasons. One reason is that Meg is still sleeping. also, I like to stay as asleep as i can for as long as I possibly can. the light also hurts my sensitive morning eyes and keeping the them off helps me feign sleep while i shower and get dressed. I've been known to wear my sunglasses to sheild my eyes from the headlights of oncoming commute traffic. As you can imagine getting dressed in the dark has its drawbacks. Occasionally I'll wear a shirt or pants that we're perfectly wearable until i got to work. Salsa and mustard stains really shine under the fluorescent office lighting. On top of getting dressed by braille and sense of smell, I often trip over shit, stub my toe and bang my shins on the coffee table.

Out the door. I linger in the door jam for a second to check my personal inventory. phone? check. keys? check. wallet? check. backpack full of crap i dont need but carry to be cool? check. I'd usually have a lunch with me. A nutritious microwave frozen dinner in a box. Today I opted out of bringing a lunch because I only have one left in the freezer. A crappy enchilada one that arent bad, I'm just really burnt out on them. also I have some cash in my pocket from last night.

Now that I've got everything i need I proceed to my car. making sure i dont step in dog shit. My dog loves to shit where people walk. The other day he shit right outside our door. missing the doormat by like 3 inches. so yea, since its just before official sunrise i look for dark spots in the dark concrete. it's like a minefield. damn dog.

As I walk to my car i notice the frost on everyones windshield. I dread that i might have to scrape ice off my car and/or wait an extra 10 minutes waiting for the heater to warm up. Luckily this morning it rained a little and the moisture in the air brought with it a little bit of warmth that kept my car from freezing over. I get in and start my car. As my car turns on the lights on the dash come on, then my CD player kicks in. HOLY SHIT DEATH METAL AT 6:00AM!! i was rocking out pretty hard with my stereo turned up to eleven last time i drove my car and got the shit scared out of me. I quickly rush to turn it off. I then switch it to 97.3. 97.3 is a pretty lame radio station about 90% of the time. they play gay alternative and college rock. they play everything from Pink and Seal to Bare Naked Ladies and REM. but the morning show is pretty rad. It's an ex coke whore punk groupie from the 80's and a hot rod loving, metal head who used to DJ on the local Rock station before they turned gay too. anyway, they dont give a fuck and its usually a pretty rad morning drive conversation.

ok this is where I drove to work. This is another one of those monotonous acts I do. Unless there's significant traffic, a real memorably stupid driver or a horrific accident my drive to work is a blur. I think my brain shuts off as soon as i get on the freeway. It's actually kind of scary.


shit, my exit. I usually take College Ave. but today i was so tired and spaced out i missed my exit. I actually missed my fucking exit. the one I've taken every day for who knows how long. so I took Telegraph. Which is basically the same distance just not as much to look at. yay! break the monotony! I make my way down Alcatraz then right on San Pablo. then loop around and park in my usual space.

now I'm here. other work shit's happened but its lame. I logged on, checked my email, said hi to Rita.. bla bla bla.

see you tomorrow.


jimbizzle said...

Great story, I must admit though. Its too long for my attention span.

Anonymous said...

Kirk i feel you man. Jimbo and I tag team the dressing in the dark now for about ohh 2 years he did it for the longest now it my turn. Not being a morning person I cuss myself out for the first 30 min im up as to why i took a job that required me to be up and an un holy hour! I to know the pain of getting out of a shower int he cold and wisheing you had the foresight to turn on the heater! Its like 30 degrees in portland and every day..... the same thing. I do have a suggestion on a moring radio show. I have fallen in love with Adam Corolla and Dani bonaduchi! I kinda think they have the same point of view ont hings as you as well as some funny as storeis. Give them a try!

Unknown said...

Great blog entry! And I love the "Job or Death" illustration... it's very realistic.