Feb 19, 2007

happy presidents day

looking on the bright side, one of the cool things about having to work on a holiday pretty much everyone gets off is that theres like NO traffic. but on the other hand there is also something disheartening about being the only asshole on the freeway at 6:30am on a holiday.

so in honor of this presidents day i made a skateboard graphic honoring our current lame duck.
click for bigger view

as you know i've been commissioned by 2 different skateboard companies this month. In light of this i've decided to compile all of my skateboard designs in one place. Its still under construction and i haven't really implemented it into my site yet but you can see it here. the kirksheltonart.com skateboard page.


Anonymous said...

iN PAST YEARS NO ONE Eever mentioned presidents day to me ont he actual day... Today starbucks wouldnt hand over my tea till i said who my favorite Prez was.. the news had a jack ass dressed up like Goerge washington, people at work had a coloring contest.. why are we jocking this day all of a sudden?

jimbizzle said...