Feb 25, 2007

what a day

not really but here it is anyway because i felt inspired for some reason...

ok so its 6:30 on a sunday morning and my house phone rings. then it stops. then the dog is barking like crazy outside. i look out the window but see nothing. meg sorta wakes up and i decide to call downstairs. Megs mom heard a door slam and went to see what it was.. she saw a homeless woman exiting our gate and walking away. as if she was either stealing shit or squatting in our garage to get out of the rain. megs mom called the cops and let the dog go after her but byt hen it was too late. about 2 hours later there are emergency crews around the corner. Megs mom investigates.. she found out that this lady that is on hella psych meds was not home since last night. she came home this morning to a homeless woman passed out on her bed. apparently the homeless woman made her way to our neighbors house... broke in and stole all of this chicks meds and then took 100 pills of one of them and passed out. the cops said if the lady had gotten home 30 minutes later the homeless woman would have been dead. eew wash those sheets. now we're thinking she was trying to get into our house downstairs.

craziness. i guess the doorknob downstairs is all jacked and any key will open it. next thing on my to-do list is install a new doorknob.

so after that i gat 4 of my little paintings together to take to the boontling gallery for the 3rd annual Overhung group show. the opening is this friday.
4224 telegraph ave, Oakland.

then i went to the taco truck in martinez and ate a nice burrito while i typed this for you losers.


PS: i'm going to the Warfeild tonite to see a band jesse knows Fair To Midland. should be rad.

applesauce is good. i hadnt had it in a while.. it really is good stuff.

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jimbizzle said...

At least you didn't have to fight the bum.