Feb 21, 2008

The Gruesome Family

I just read this post Rita sent me about some people with the worst neighbors probably ever. Only slightly tolerated by the entertainment value of how hill-fucking-billy they were.


here's my similar but not nearly as good story.

when i was a kid we kinda had neighbors like that
we called them The Gruesomes. The owner and father fell kind of ill, and fat and unable to do stuff for himself.. when his 4 or 5 kids became teens and adults they were all white trash and lazy.. and pretty much took over the place. We used to sing "The Gruesome Family" in the tune of the Adams Family theme song.

They had all the typical shit. half of cars in the yard. 4 old rusty cars in the driveway. dirt lawn, etc etc etc
(i dont have pics, so these are from the internets. pardon)

There was at least 12 people living there at all times with various crazy dogs over the years tied to something connected to the house or stuck into the ground. There was an orange tree dividing our property and there was always moldy penicillin ridden oranges carpeting the tops of the cars and the driveway.

I remember when the dad/owner died someone else inherited the property and kicked everyone out. It was a glorious day.

whoever ended up with it got it all cleaned up and repainted with a nice little yard. No one really knew who he was, or asked.. we didn't care. the Gruesomes were gone.

But the saga continued. the person selling it never disclosed t a little piece of info to prospective buyers about what happens when we get a heavy rain.

Our house, and the Gruesome Monaor are at the bottom of two hills. so all the rain water runs and collects there. It was supposed to go down the sewer drain in front of the Gruesomes' house but it always backs up and floods. At least every year, maybe twice a year depending on the storms, their driveway and front yard would be raging rivers. That may or may not have gone into the house.

The back yard was 2-3 ft deep easy. I remember the year when the house was vacant going back there and playing in the "pool" of water that filled the entire back yard.

Eventually new owners moved in.. everything was cool.. new family with little kids ... then winter came - they freaked. I think i remember them saying something about having to replace carpeting.. which now that i think about it, this means the Gruesomes, who i know never replaced carpet had been living in soggy moldy floors all those years.

we were like "they didn't tell you it does this?" their jaws dropped. They sued the seller, and the city. and we got new sewers and drains.

no more lake Gruesome

A few years ago one of the Grousoms' sons, was renting a place around the corner from where I am now.. same crap.. broken cars, big dogs on ropes, dirt lawn, loud arguments - Grousoms part 2

i think they got kicked out.

The new owners still live there.. they briefly tried to rent it out and live in a new place, turning their noses up at Boynton Ave, but then moved back with tails between their legs.. the husband cheated on his wife with the red haired lady across the street but thats a whole other story.

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