Feb 18, 2008

The Taco Bell Sauce Drawer

Last week i posted this pic from the walnut creek TacoBell where they're totally trusting with their sauce and napkins. That got me thinking about all the extra Mild Sauce I always end up with and how it all ends up in a big ziplock in a drawer.

No matter how much taco bell you order, something compels you to grab 2 huge handfulls of sauce.

Now, for what I thought was to counter the grabbing of too much sauce that ends up in the taco bell sauce drawer, the Tacobell in Martinez doesn't allow you to get your own sauce.. they've recently started to ask you if you want it and they put it into your bag for you..

but whats funny is, even if you're getting 2 tacos they grab a huge handful of sauce and put it in your bag. Maybe even the employees feel compelled to grab way too much just like us. After all they're human too.

Theres something about that tub of unopened goodness that makes you just want to shove your hand to the bottom and shovel as many as you can.

it apperantly works for cleaning pennies too. not that pennies are worth cleaning. they're fucking pennies. and still worth one lousy cent clean or dirty. Even if you get one of those cool old ones with no lincoln memorial on it.. still, one fucking cent.

I hate getting pennies, but I love it when I can actually use them. I feel like I won a contest or something. the prize? I have 7 less pennies in my pocket weighing me down.

Maybe the secret addictive flavor in Taco Bell Sauce is metal polish?


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Symple One said...

i always wondered why the fuck i am compeled to take all that sausce like it will run out. I think to myself ill use it later on other stuff at home but never EVER do. it just sits in a bag in a drawer and gets more added to it every time i make a visit. WTF is with that..... ?