Feb 18, 2008


Taco Bell Sauce Drawer pt.2

So yeah I hate when u have to ask for sauces. As I mentioned before, the Burger King in San Fran charged you for extra sauce. The napkins too. they didnt charge but had that shit on lockdown.

I just hated getting to-go orders and forgetting to ask for napkins, then getting back to my office and not have any. bastards!

I'm also not a fan of the new "one-at-a-time" napkin despensers Mcdonalds has now.

I like to grab a fat stack of napkins 30% of which I wont use. But since they're still nicely stacked I can save them for later, or keep them in my car for when I sneeze nose jizz all over myself.

instead, now i have a big wadded up ball of napkins which i wont use, and end up throwing away because they're in a completely useless wad on my tray, or in my pocket.

Some people dont eat fast food anymore so they dont have to deal with it anymore.
good for them! i'm not gonna deny it. i like it

i've seen fast food nation and super size me, and i still like it. its fucked up and gross, but i'm straight edge.. i need a vice.

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Symple One said...

i bet those napkins woudl have been helpful that day you had anose bleed that looked like a murder and you had to pull over to I think it was a BK???? ironic!