Feb 29, 2008

Did i tell you about the Doves?

Yesterday I walk up to reception to get candy and theres this huge bird cage. like 3x3x3ft black iron cage next to the front door.

wtf? So I ask the receptionist "what the hell is this?" she tells me that the owner of the company decided that we need Doves. so, very soon, our office will have a big ass cage with 2 doves in it.

the reason... unknown. no one knows. but he's the boss so no one questions him. maybe its part of his magic show.

Matt, who is management has the office closest to where the birds will live.. but the thing is, Matt, is one of those people who are allergic to everything.
he's looking forward to being high on allergy meds. all day
this place sucks.

I know I cant wait!

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

Dude... They're going to be chirping, cooing or what ever all day long. I'd be pissed.