Feb 15, 2008

i apologize

I apologize for the lack of posts this week, and in advance for the crappy photos today.

its been a kind of weird week. school's got me all stressed out. I even blanked out and forgot to watch Lost last night. I ended up watching it on line when i got up this morning. Lots of new weird stuff that creates a million more questions and answers nothing.

yay Lost! pictures:



this is my favorite cup.


I'm so used to ghetto fast food places this Walnut Creek Taco Bell threw me off. For example, at the TacoBell, in MArtinez even, they keep the sauce behind the counter now. in the posh WC, they got everything right out there for you . The burger King in the city i went to charged you for Honey Mustard. this T-bell needs to get BUM RUSHED!

yee haw! happy friday.

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