Feb 8, 2008

This is gonna be tough

Since Lost is on thursday nights... I'm trying to balance my morning out with REAL work, Lost discussion ...AND this damn photo blog.

what dude, polar bear skeleton in the desert? I know a lot of you are just now starting to watch earlier seasons so thats all i'm gonna say.

heres the photos.

nothing better than underwear laying on the side of the road.
(this is where i find used condoms and condom wrappers too)

i am not the unibomber

"whr u bank?" are you fucking kidding me?

not good. dont get this.

energy drinks are out of control. they're not even drinks anymore.. they're just a billboard for whatever culture youre selling.

damnit, why do all the good band names have to be taken?

heres a little video of me doing some stationary ollies on an old school Powell Peralta deck. (shown above)

have a super weekend.

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

You are not a lot of things in these photos.

Lost still sucks. Slayer sucks too!