Feb 5, 2008


Lauren sent me this pic of a sign, home-made, I'm assuming at a Mexican restaurant somewhere that has a salsa bar or something. The sad thing is that enough children were playing with the salsa to deem the need for this sign. what kids are playing with salsa? maybe its not salsa? ...hence the quotes.

But if you take it out of context its a pretty funny sign.

that was begging to be photochopped.

Then we started analyzing it a little bit more closely. Why is "salsa" in quotes? like its not really salsa but code for something else. When said it would be followed by "...if you know what i mean" and then an eyebrow wiggle. What else could it mean? If it's actually salsa and nothing else, it need not be in quotes.

Lauren says its code for snakes. while funny, not very likely. Maybe its "salsa" like that place Peg's in Martinez. They brought me "salsa" once that was really ketchup with chopped onions and black pepper in it. You want to lose a customer? thats how.

i guess this could be a secret warning for snake handlers

Looking further, why is THANK YOU in brackets? I'm no English major but I'm pretty sure brackets, or parenthesis are punctuation marks used in pairs to set apart or interject text within other text. so they're interjecting the 'thank you'? what are they interjecting it into? into whatever the mysterious "salsa" is?

Either this sign is an enigma that if solved, will answer the secrets of the universe or we can just chalk this up to how dumb people are. with a sprinkling of language barrier.

I love these signs tho. I might start a blog of pictures of home-made found signs people can submit.

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