Feb 18, 2008

moral support

If anyone says "good morning" to me today i'm going to have to disagree with them. this is not a good morning. i think the only thing good about this morning is that there was no traffic coming to work. oh yea, thats because the rest of the country has the day off. Fucking shit.

My stomach hurts from eating too much cheese yesterday. I spilled coffee all over my new hoodie. Some jack ass was blasting shitty country music at the gas station at 6:30 this morning. I'm at fucking work!

School is turning out to be a lot harder than i wanted it to be. I'm not really liking it. oh wow, looks like i'm bleeding. i must have scraped my hand on something. awesome.

I'm still at work. I hate it here. this coffee tastes like shit too. Why is Photoshop taking 15 minutes to open? why does it make my whole computer useless while its starting up?

why am i not still in bed celebrating the birthdays of great presidents in history?

oh yea, i work here. You know, I think i have the only bulky CRT monitor in this office. The contrast is so blown out it's impossible to view dark images or photos. But i cant say anything because the work i do is all black lines on a white background. So i'm eternally fucked.

I know, it could be worse...

I could be starving with AIDS in africa or something. .. heck then maybe i might get to meet Angelina Jolie.

or i could be this guy http://www.att.net/p/s/community.dll?ep=87&subpageid=239571&ck=

or I could be Lauren. i guess there is somewhat of a silver lining.

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jimbizzle said...

Damn... You put L dogg on blast!

Life sucks, we move on.