Feb 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

I got a free McSkillet out of it! buy a Large coffee and get a free McSkillet Leap Day Special... the rub is, that I already had coffee.. so I dont know how much of a great deal it was. Oh well.

They put this in the McDonalds Lobby for the occasion. If youre wondering, no, that stuff isnt plastic, its all real, and fresh. Kinda like false advertising if you ask me. they should put the frozen prepackaged eggs and pre-chopped frozen packets of veggies up there.

anyway, see you in 4 years or whatever.. happy leap day. Drink your fucking photos.

yes, this is a real magazine. and yes, my office has a subscription.
and yes, you can read it in our lobby while you wait.

I've been here 30 years, and i'm still trying to find it. nice try tho tinez.

free skateboard!

i love it when they have paper tablecloths

Kirkty Dumpty

coloured with coffee

a nice one from our latest noggins contributor, Steve.

Everyone say THANKS STEVE! nice funny sign. and extra points for the Lost reference. Speaking of Lost. Time travel? c'mon man.. I dig it, i love that shit but I didnt think Lost was gonna go there. So the reason Penny is looking for Desmond and knows about the island is because Future Desmond went back and told her? wonderful.


have a good weekend choad lickers.

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Unknown said...

Kirk it's so easy to find the charm, you just have to follow the rainbow. Oh, wait... that's Lucky Charms... my bad. :)