Feb 22, 2008

I dont even know

that statement pretty much sums up LOST and many other things in the world.

Paula Abdul is back, auto-tuned and everything! John McCain is a Lobbyist lover.. on many levels.

One of the Johnson & Johnson heirs is making movies about how lame rich people are.. sweet.

Whats the deal with Ben? what was it 5.2 million dollars? seriously Miles? money? you scumbag waste of mysterious ability build up.

here's some pictures...

probably the coolest thing my grandma ever got me

theres something that just doesn't seem to belong here in the office supply tray.

more free stuff!

that bathroom definitely smelled.. um, different.

I made a shirt from that Stanton Friedman stencil..and then made a couple more stencils

got a new skaterboard! its a Gonz!

buddah says everything is "OK" with the international hand sign for "okay"

I dont even know.

Chickens McPigeons


when the rain stops, I'll stop murdering puppies in my dreams.
have a weekend.

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jimbizzle said...

Chad looks like Jesse.