Apr 1, 2008

April Fools !!!!

So its April Fool's day. Every year I always wish that i'd have thought of something. Some kind of really good prank but i never remember too. Well here's to another year of sucking at April Fools.

I pulled this one out of my ass a minute ago. I posted this on Myspace a few minutes ago...

Fingertight is going to do a reunion show.. a small label wants to release our Columbia demo and do a reuinion gig, and possible tour for it. they're going to pay a lot! .. at first sergio wasnt into it but we finally got everyone on board. We've been practicing but keeping on the DL....

we have like 3 songs pretty tight.. jesse and scott are struggling to remember the stuff but serge and i pretty much jumped right back into it. we've even got a new song going but probably wont be ready for any shows.

The label is basically some rich guy and fan. He's got a few bands out now.. one of them he hooked up with Warner Bros Indy film people and are gonna be on this new movie with Drew Barrimore. fucking crazy shit ...
oh yea, one other thing, April fools!!!!

yea right ha ha!

Fingertight was my old band that broke up unceremoniously back in 2004 after touring and getting a record deal.

needless to say, I've already gotten a couple replies;
  • fuck you asshole!
  • FUCK U!!!
  • This is the worst April fools joke EVER!!!
  • that was not cool ...
ahh, feel the love.

I just came back from the candy tub. yes, its a tub. There used to be a little dish with shitty candies in it, then after halloween last year it sorta evolved into a bottomless popcorn tin, filled regularly with fun size, snickers, reeses, twix, milky way, etc. It's pretty dangerous for fat kids like me. So I made a remark to the receptionist that one day I'm going to open the tin and it will be filled with celery sticks or something.. then, in true too-late-kirk fashion, she replies that would've been a great idea for an April Fool's Day prank. We said that it should be accompanied by an email to the office saying how the candy dish is now a veggie tray due to the new employee heath act of 2008 that was passed last year.

fucking to little too late.

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