Oct 3, 2007


well, i've finally taken the suggestion of all those people who keep saying .. "why dont you put your stuff on ebay" and opened an ebay account.

I put my painting Canadian Bacon up for auction last night just to test it out. so far, no hits.
here's what it looks like if you dont remember. It's one of my favorites.

Bidding starts at $80. i hope that isnt too high. click here to bid!

I'll start going through my closet and pulling out stuff to put up for auction. Anyway, Ebay is a trip. I didn't know they charged for all the stupid little shit
you want bold text? that'll be 40 cents. you want a large preview of your picture? oh snap thats like $20. Being the cheap ass that I am, I did the free version of everything.

Watch out for egay scumbaggery tho. I went to edit my listing and when it took me to the options page all the high price options were pre-clicked for me. if i wasn't looking i might have just accepted 30 dollars worth of options. Thats like, um.. fucked up.

anyway if you ever wanted to buy my art. here's your chance! ... tell a friend.
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