Oct 29, 2007

Thizz or Die?

hmm, i think you should DIE!

Yesterday, after another session at the Martinez park, Jesse and I went to check out the new Benicia skate park. We got there early (opening time 9:00. I think its stupid to have it fenced in with set hours in the first place) to find a crowd of kids sitting outside a locked gate. thinking it was just the city park guy taking his time to open the park we walked the perimeter so he could check it out. Then I noticed that those fucking piece of shit wanna be gangsters tagged "THIZZ OR DIE" on one of the ramps. I'm all for good graffiti but gang tagging is retarded. especially when shit like the following happens..

I asked this dude if it was like this all the time where they lagged on unlocking the park. he told me that they weren't going to open it, probably not for a while .. or until they could have the graffiti cleaned up.


the skate park is closed because some shitty taggers got in there with a spray can?

so stupid. rules and skate parks dont go together.. especially when the rules that actually matter (no bikes etc) are never enforced.

Graffiti is skateable... i'm not as much pissed at that. I mean yea THIZZ is pretty retarded and i hope they choke on breakfast and suffer alot and then die. but if i cant catch them.. fuck it. skate over it. but when it fucks shit up for everyone that sucks.. but i think im more pissed that they have this stupid unenforceable rule that ends up closing the whole park.. stupid knee jerk reaction to something, essentially harmless to skaters.

they just dont understand that when they close the park, the skaters will turn around and go to the nearest skate spot in town. Fuck up and piss off businesses in the neighborhood.

We ended up going downtown to skate at the ghost town that is the Old Benicia Skate Park. its pretty fun but very dated.

I suck anyway so it didn't really matter. brought back some old memories tho.

I hear they're tearing it out now that they got the new nanny park.
if it hasn't been thought of already someone should try to organize a big farewell skate jam there to say goodbye. lots of history in that park .

Speaking of stupid City decisions. Remember the stupid parking thing i posted a while ago?

well.. this morning i pulled into freshly repainted parking spaces. FACING THE RIGHT WAY!!! HA HA .. the people 1, city of emeryville 0. nothing more satisfying than the acknowledgment of a bad idea. and the subsequent rectifying of said bad idea.

Lunes Feliz

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

I never saw a sign that said back in to park before and it got me thinking of the pros of cons of backing in to park. I guess they do it so that there will be less people backing out blindly causing car accidents so fine. But the average person can't park backwards. Especially on a slant. So I bet hella parked cars got hit as a result of that sign. However, if you did park forward and then had to back out, just inch your way out. Besides it looks like the speed limit on that road is probably about 20 so I don't really get that sign. What do you think? Is that a normal sign out in CA?