Oct 13, 2007

Vote for the noggins!

hey fucking shit, someone (anja) nominated us for a Bloggers Choice Award!
theres no way in hell I'll win but fuck it, here's the thingy to do the thing to vote or whatever.

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

so hey you dirty pieces of shit, show your support for the noggins while its still free.

Don't make me put a donation button up.

now that i've said that i've also been nominated for the Most Obnoxious Blogger category. I dont know if thats a good thing. if i cant win at being good i can try to win at being annoying.

My site was nominated for Most Obnoxious Blogger!

1 comment:

Symple One said...

obnoxious is a good thing.... its part of why we love the knoggins... you know when you gt all fired up abou tsothing that maybe isnt that big a deal... it makes me smile on the inside...