Oct 2, 2007

Deep Thoughts by ME!

Sometimes i just think about stuff, maybe way too much. Stuff like....

when the entire snack machine is sold out and all that is left is a full row of pretzels.. that should tell the snack machine people something.. dude, stop ordering pretzels no one likes them!

and stuff like...
Sometimes i do random Google image searches... often i stumble on the image diary of comeplete nerds with entire directories of jpgs of nerds, nerds' friends and nerds' nerdy things that he nerdally takes pictures of. I find it fascinating. does that make me a complete nerd too?

When something bad happens, a lot of times people say "it could be worse" to make you feel better. all i can think is "it gets worse than this?!" and that sucks to think about even more.

ok thats all i got for now.
here's a picture of a small dog trying to fuck a big dog.
make it stop!

1 comment:

Symple One said...

this picture makes me think of strange shit like is this how it looks when a dwarf does it doggy style with an average sized person???

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