Oct 19, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Not to me.. well it IS my birthday but Mike and my Aunt are stealing my thunder. I got invited to Mikes 30th (which is the 21st) birthday party tonight.. on my actual birthday. thanks guys. then i got a call from my uncle saying were they're having a birthday party for... not me, no my Aunt Denise is turning 50 this week so I get to go to that too. Happy Birthday NOT to me.

here's some damn pictures.

trying blogger's video thingy, here's what me drumming looks like to a small dog.

here's that song finished sort of. Dustin got in frame this time. soon we hope to have singing.


Jessica A. Walsh said...

Happy Birfday! Have a great one. Make sure everyone at the parties knows it's your birthday. You should wear one of those birthday award ribbons that look like the ones we got when we won second place in second grade gym.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kirkles! That's pretty messed up about the party thing... you should protest and thrown your own shindig.

oh and apparently i'm the only person on the planet now that doesn't have a video of themselves on YouTube! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, duder!

Symple One said...

you sound like alice in wonder land.... very merry un-birthday to me .. to me .. to who to you to me.... look it up!

happy birthday