Oct 12, 2007

3 pussies and a couple of boners

hey shit fucks. sorry for the lack of bloggage this week. The internet sucked i guess.

I got naked and had my balls touched by an old man in a wheelchair yesterday. you're jealous.

here's some pictures.

LOL! they have scraper hot wheels!

i hate work.

i drew skulls!

skateboarding is jumping the shark. right now.

this is the kind of cuteness that could wipe out an entire race of people somewhere.

see all those Handi and 15 min only parking spaces? well before the assholes at my ghetto Safeway decided to remodel, these used to be where i parked every time i went there. the rest of the store is rearranged to. fuckers.

interesting duct work you have there.

and the crazy cat that lives at Jesse's house. he just started going nuts and then started scratching the sliding glass door.


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