Oct 5, 2007

FPB #41

this is the 41st. Friday Photo Blog. i know 41 is not really an anniversary to celebrate but I thought i would count em and see. its 41. been boring you with this shit since the end of 2006.

here's some more crap to look at.

i saw this the other day. a new paperclip shape? what was so wrong with the old shape?

here's these assholes again. so, they painted. and i'm sure had to remove the letters to do so. you think they fixed the signs? of course not. one still says Furniture oasis and the other on, Oasis Furniture. I want to kill these idiots.


i couldnt tell if this was supposed to be for dogs or humans.
i think they use that same photo on cans of Alpo.

HOLY bible Batman!

i often forget that there is a almost brand new condition skateboard under the bed that i got meg like 5 years ago.

I want to call my band this. they always make fun of me when i bring it up

MAIL MAN COAT!! i love this thing. but it never gets cold enough here to wear it.

you can snack on DEEEEEZ NUTZ!!!

happy 41st FPB!

eat shit and die!

extra special bonus for today.. here's me and dustin writing a new song. its mostly just me giving my "O" face.


Anonymous said...

COCK FIGHT!!! That would go perfect with my cockfight tattoo photo in MY blog! I WANT THE ACTION FIGURE SET!!

And that beef jerky looks nasty. I've never tried it because of the photo on the front, I'm always afraid if I open it I'll catch a whiff of dog food and put it over kibble instead...

jimbizzle said...

If I lived in Cali I was SO rock bass on that song. I loved it! I love Dustin's tone. Makes me miss being in a band.


The colors of Oasis Furniture/Furniture Oasis do not make me want to shop there.

Symple One said...

rock on pipsqueek!!!!! its gets cold enough in portlad to ear that jacket.........