Oct 24, 2007


So, as most of you know I like to indulge in a little McBreakfast on occasion. So one of my birthday gifts was a $10 Arch Card. If you dont know what an Arch card is you're probably more healthy than me. An Arch Card is what McDonalds calls their gift/purchase card.

I had this thing burning a hole in my pocket since Friday so i thought I'd use it. I stroll into my friendly hooker and crack-head ridden San Pablo Ave Mickey Dee's like i do most mornings to use my shiny new Arch Card.

I order what i usually do, a Sausage Egg and Cheese Mcgriddle meal with a large coffee.. or better known as the Number 10 Combo. "that will be $4.34 please" says the cashier. So then i proudly whip out my new Arch Card. He then replies.. "sorry we dont take that" WHAAAAAAATT???


"you dont?" i said confused and kind of irritated because i wasnt sure if i had cash or not. he then replies "yea i donno why"

ugh!@!! so i luckily had cash and paid for my shit. As I'm waiting i notice he's filling up a small coffee, when i ordered a large. Once he started to hand it to him i corrected him and he apologized and made it a large.

damn. So i get my shit and sip my coffee. I burnt my tongue. fuck! I drive the 2 blocks to my work, as the coffee spills out from under the defective lid the whole way. I finally get to work. get settled and open up my Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle but theres a problem. Its missing Egg and Cheese. WHHAAAATTT THEEE FUCKKKKK ?!!!!!

usually that McDonalds is pretty on it. Maybe he was flustered by the embarassment of having to deny a regular customer the option of using a card, branded with McLogo's and that can ONLY be redeemed at a McDonalds. Maybe his mind was preoccupied at the fact that he forgot i ordered a Large coffee.

needless to say that my McMorning experience was pretty McFucked.


Jessica A. Walsh said...

You are a much better person than I am. If I was told I couldn't use the gift card, I would have raised hell and demanded to speak to a manager. There's no way they don't accept those cards!

Sorry you had such a bad morning. You should call the person who gave you the card and thank them for the worst gift EVER! LOL

Symple One said...

DUDE you should have totaly spoke with the manager and not eaten what you ordered saved it and taken it back to them at lunch.... demanading they handle it with a refund and a full meal replacment of your choice.... At starbucks if you drink half the drink and its not what you want you bring it back when ever...... same day 3 days laterr thell give you back the drink free.... and maybe even a free drink coupon