Oct 4, 2007

PEZ you fuckers!

If you know me, you know about my closet obsession with PEZ dispensers. Since around 1991 i've been casually collecting them. I dont know why. Whenever I see one i dont have, I buy it. I dont want to get into buying old or highly collectible ones because then i'll end up blowing all my money on rare Crystal ball pez from the 60's and shit. I dont wanna become that. So, i limit myself to new ones that i dont have yet. Since 91, there has been a lot of new PEZ dispensers released. I have most of them but a few have escaped my grasp.

Another advantage for me and people close to me (thanks Meg!) is that in knowing about my PEZ fixation, they have an easy go-to gift for me. but you have to be careful because you could easily be getting me repeat PEZ. here's a helpful hint... I only have the Clown and Homer Simpson in the giant PEZ dispensers.

Anyway, here's my collection of all things PEZ.
notice the PEZ pillow?

and some PEZ themed art i've created.

just in case you're curious, yes I used a PEZ font for this. I have it installed on my computers.

a couple packs of new-gen Garbage Pail Kids found their way into my bins...

well now you know.


Jessica A. Walsh said...

You call that a PEZ collection?

I have so many more than you. You suck.

Symple One said...

i love the pic of yor arms as dispencers.. and the jack in the box one is pretty coo.....Criscipline must not have read your blog about limiting your self... thats ok thought.... its good to have boundries.


Criscipline is really pulling your hair.