Oct 10, 2007

I want my old Togo's back.

So I stumbled upon this blog that rated logo redesigns. it was pretty funny. I got a kick out of if because i'm a designer and i've done logos in the past. check it out.

anyway, i followed a link over to a similar site and found this atrocity.
What the fuck Togo's? a guy surfing on a sandwich? very hip and California of you. is this to appeal to your new national market? Is that why you have gay bread now?

I have to get some shitty wheat roll with oats on it. what the fuck is a few sprinkles of oats supposed to do for me? help lower my cholesterol that i just raised by eating a hot pastrami sandwich? Youre not Subway, Togo's. you dont need a fancy selection of bread to sell your food. And while i'm on the subject, youre not Quizno's, Subway. Your sandwiches are mediocre and people expect that. You're not fooling anyone having that toaster in there.

Anyway, after I tell them "No mayonnaise" even tho technically a #9 isn't supposed to have it, they cheerfully ask "would you like chips and a drink?" what they don't say, but what you think the cheer implies the opposite of is "at full price" then you're like .."i just spent $10 on a 6" sandwich a small coke and some busted chips"

when you get your old logo back.. please bring back rye bread and meal deals thank you.

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