Oct 26, 2007

GM the green car company.

remember this post from way back?

Did i tell you i saw An Inconvenient Truth? its an interesting topic and all, but Al Gore can make an orgasm boring. Well, i think after you see that you should watch who killed the electric car.. then commit suicide. What it says basicly, is that in 50 years we'll all be under water and the electric cars, technology and legislation that could have helped stop it was halted, on purpose, so some assholes could get more rich.

what good is being rich when the planet is underwater you might ask? well with all that oil money they are going to buy moon mansions.

its pretty depressing.

I recently just started seeing GM/Chevy commercials where they tout that they are working on alternative fuel vehicles for the future. Futuristic new technology like all electric cars. wow i cant wait!!

But it's all pretty fucked up when you know that they had a fully functional and popular electric Saturn on the market in 1998. Which they discontinued and had destroyed to make way for the HUMMER. As if we wouldn't notice you bandwagon hopping pieces of shit.

2000-2007 the dark ages....way to take a huge step backwards for 8 years GM.
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