Oct 24, 2007


So, as most of you know I like to indulge in a little McBreakfast on occasion. So one of my birthday gifts was a $10 Arch Card. If you dont know what an Arch card is you're probably more healthy than me. An Arch Card is what McDonalds calls their gift/purchase card.

I had this thing burning a hole in my pocket since Friday so i thought I'd use it. I stroll into my friendly hooker and crack-head ridden San Pablo Ave Mickey Dee's like i do most mornings to use my shiny new Arch Card.

I order what i usually do, a Sausage Egg and Cheese Mcgriddle meal with a large coffee.. or better known as the Number 10 Combo. "that will be $4.34 please" says the cashier. So then i proudly whip out my new Arch Card. He then replies.. "sorry we dont take that" WHAAAAAAATT???


"you dont?" i said confused and kind of irritated because i wasnt sure if i had cash or not. he then replies "yea i donno why"

ugh!@!! so i luckily had cash and paid for my shit. As I'm waiting i notice he's filling up a small coffee, when i ordered a large. Once he started to hand it to him i corrected him and he apologized and made it a large.

damn. So i get my shit and sip my coffee. I burnt my tongue. fuck! I drive the 2 blocks to my work, as the coffee spills out from under the defective lid the whole way. I finally get to work. get settled and open up my Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle but theres a problem. Its missing Egg and Cheese. WHHAAAATTT THEEE FUCKKKKK ?!!!!!

usually that McDonalds is pretty on it. Maybe he was flustered by the embarassment of having to deny a regular customer the option of using a card, branded with McLogo's and that can ONLY be redeemed at a McDonalds. Maybe his mind was preoccupied at the fact that he forgot i ordered a Large coffee.

needless to say that my McMorning experience was pretty McFucked.
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