Aug 1, 2006

you wanna pop, you wanna, Shasta!

no this isnt the election results from the 2004 election. This is the Pop vs Soda vs Coke map. which is pretty close to the 2004 election map.

so, it seems dumb people say "coke" or "pop" when ordering a 7Up, and voted for Bush.

I say soda personally. Calling it soda or Pop makes more sense because its from the older generic term Soda Pop. but technically speaking, soda, pop, coke, whatever... all came from the old soda fountains where they added flavored syrup to soda water. I dont know where the "pop" in sodapop came from tho.

calling it all "Coke" is just retarded and typical of the South. Coke is a brand name and its just lazy to call a 7-Up or Pepsi "Coke". you might argue calling tissue "Kleenex" is the same logic, but when you ask for a Kleenex no one asks you "what kind?"

While we're on the topic of soda's, I found this Dr. Pepper clone site that lists all the fake Dr.Pepper generics and knock offs from various stores and companies over the years.
Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper Too? some of the names are pretty funny and creative. like Dr. DYNAMITE here.


Heather said...

In Oregon we called it Pop and then I had to switch to Soda when we moved to California. Now I'm calling it Pop again in Idaho and teaching my kids that. My step-daughter refuses to call it Pop and makes fun of us...she's still a Soda girl. You can see the California migration into Idaho by the yellow block.

jimbizzle said...

I live in Southern Oregon right up I5... we called it Soda. I still call it soda as a generic term, but when ordering I use the correct title. (ex: Pepsi, Mt. dew, ect...)

Was that south comment a crack at Rita?

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I'm confused. "Calling it all "coke" is just retarded and typical of the south."

The entire northeast orders "a coke". Occasionally (And I mean very occasionally, your server or fast food clerk will say, "is pepsi ok?" and I say I'll have an unsweetened iced tea instead.

Ok so it's soda or coke here. I think someone can get shot in NJ for saying pop let alone soda pop. Oh for sure.

The south calls it soder (yes, soder) Or cola or pop. When I'm feeling giddy I'll order a "coca cola classic". Even people who aren't committed to coke call it coke here.

If you're going to the store though, you may say you've added soda to the list even though you'll most likely get some coke.

This map sucks and is inaccurate.

Hope that helps.