Jul 20, 2007

Beavers, Dreams and Earthquakes Friday

So, last night I had this dream. its part of a reoccurring series of dreams i have about my parents house that I saw a ghost in . In this version of the dream My parents moved out of the house but built a new house on the same property. they left the old house abandoned in the back yard. I have to go back in the house to get some stuff i left behind there. I try to do it quickly because of the ghost. The reoccurring part is the ghost. its an energy force that tries to grab me and pull me back into the house. if feels like its pulling the air space around me and making it hard for me to move. it sucks. i fight it off everytime tho and get away but it makes me dread going back into my old room.

I woke up all freaked out and had to pee. I contemplated going pee because i was all freaked out. I end up going pee and try to get back to sleep. as i start to finally drift off the whole house starts to shake. EARTHQUAKE! for about 10 seconds the house was still rumbling a little after the initial jolt. so now, i'm all amped up.. the ghost dream and now the earthquake. i finally sink into a good sleep and then the alarm goes off. sonovabitch.

here's some photos.

a few years ago they widened the creek so the town didnt flood anymore during storms. they way over did it and theres never more than a 2 foot wide trickle down this huge cement corridor they created. they opened it all up and made a park like setting around it that goes right through main st. since its never full theres sand and mud and plants and birds and other cool wildlife thats made its home there. but earlier this spring some beavers moved in. Fucking beavers. i didnt even know we had beavers here but they're here. they built a dam down by Bertola's Italian restaurant and now the water is from cement wall to wall about 8 feet deep! they got that shit backed up good. now theres hella fish in it and this family of beavers that just cruise around collecting crap to make their den bigger. its nuts. I took some pics last night.

sometimes you think its a beaver swimming.. but its a rat. there was hella rats.

and a bit of video..

see more on my youtube page. http://youtube.com/profile?user=kirksucks

i know you dont care but i thought i'd include some pics i took before the game i went to last weekend.

people think i look like Ryan Klesko

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