Jul 20, 2007

You cant fuck with Science.

this is some shit that will melt your brain. fucking science man!

13 Things That Do Not Make Sense. There are a lot of things that dont make sense to us, because well, most of us are stupid. But when you stump the smartest science motherfuckers in the world ... thats something! things like.. the placebo effect, dark matter, why the Pioneer space probe started to go faster the further it got into deep space. Something called tetraneutrons which are four neutrons that are bound together in a way that defies the laws of physics.

and many more bits of unexplained craziness.
click here for the article

Here's another article i found today. Something most people write off as science fiction, these dudes are actually trying to figure it out. TIME TRAVEL! get your flux capicitors pre heated to 99.9 Jiggawatts and read this article.


here's an exerpt. regarding his theory on splitting a laser beam to go back in time... or something.
So here’s the truly mind-blowing aspect of his theory: If Signal B followed a shorter route to its detector, the fiddling in Signal A could theoretically show up in Signal B before Cramer actually tinkers with Signal A. It would be as if Cramer's actions had an effect that worked backward in time.
It will make more sense ( maybe ) when you read the whole article.

here's some more on time travel and some of the thoughts for and against it


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